K-6 student authors from every elementary school in Johnson County will read original work at Children’s Literature Festival

by on January 9th, 2012

Selected students from each elementary school in Johnson County including Regenia and Willowwind will read their stories at the One Book Two Book Children’s Literature Festival kickoff dinner “Once Upon A Time,” on Friday, January 13, 2012, 6-8pm at the Sheraton Iowa City.

Festival sponsor Pearson Foundation is publishing the collected stories of these students in a book titled “Once Upon a Time in the City of Literature.” The book will be available for sale at throughout the Festival. Student authors will sign the book at the Festival on Saturday between 12:30 p.m and 2:30 p.m.

With the help of the Iowa City Community School District, school principals, and area teachers, media specialists and librarians, more than 600 students from Johnson County elementary schools submitted original stories and poems to the Festival, all of which will be on display Friday and Saturday at the Sheraton Iowa City.

One Book Two Book is a celebration of children’s literature in the City of Literature — a UNESCO designation recognizing the quality and diversity of literary initiatives. Over the course of three days, this festival brings together authors, educators, librarians, parents, and children to recognize the important role of literature in the development of children’s literacy, imagination, and love of reading. A full day is dedicated to a Children’s Book Fair, where children and families can discover new children’s books, play with favorite storybook characters, attend readings by celebrities and local authors, and participate in — and be inspired by — a variety of engaging workshops.

Iowa City has a deep and rich literary history, as recognized by its City of Literature designation, and you can help a new generation of Iowans develop a love of literature by attending the three day Festival.

For more information on the One Book Two Book festival presented by the Pearson Foundation, scheduled free events, ticketed events, ticket pricing, and complimentary ticket instructions, please visit www.onebooktwobook.org.

About the Pearson Foundation
The Pearson Foundation is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that aims to make a difference by promoting literacy, learning, and great teaching. The Pearson Foundation does this by collaborating with leading businesses, not-for-profits, and education experts to share good practice; foster innovation; and find workable solutions to the educational disadvantages facing young people and adults across the globe. For more information, visit www.pearsonfoundation.org.
About the Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature
The Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature is the third City of Literature in the World, and the only one in the USA. As part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, launched in 2004, it is designed to promote the social, economic and literary cultural heritage of Iowa. For more information, visit www.cityofliteartureusa.org.

at Friday, January 13, 2012 6-8pm “ONCE UPON A TIME” Dinner,
Sheraton Iowa City

Dani Holthaus 6 Coralville Central
Emma Brustkern 6 Garner
Hailey Butterbaugh 6 Hills
Siobhan Gibbens 5 Hoover
Nina Bernat 6 Horn
LaVaughnus Harris 5 Kirkwood
Evelyn Smith 6 Lemme
Hayden Johnson 4 Lincoln
Zoe Miller 5 Longfellow
Lindsey Parrott 6 Lucas
Kate Murray 5 Mann
Leah Brownsberger 6 Penn
Anjali Linh Huynh 5 Roosevelt
Jordan Fajardo Bird 6 Shimek
Jada Grimes 6 Twain
Anna Weckerlin 5 Van Allen
Jennifer Du 6 Weber
Taylor Fridrich 6 Wickham
Imani Williams 5 Wood
Elizabeth Davis 4 Regina
Mira Bohannan Kumar 4 Willowwind

Joshua Schamberger, Iowa City/Coralville Area CVB
319.337.6592 or joshua@iowacitycoralville.org

Jeanette Pilak, UNESCO City of Literature USA
319.356.5245 or jeanette@cityofliteratureusa.org

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