420 Characters by Lou Beach

by on March 1st, 2012
420 Characters by Lou Beach Cover Image

420 Characters began its life as a collection of Facebook updates back in the day when they were limited to just 420 characters.   Lou Beach is an acclaimed artist and illustrator and 420 includes several fantastical collages.  One of my favorite stories is from page 8.

Mouse and I lie on our stomachs on the warm and weathered planks. The little bridge spans the stream two feat below and the sun lays its hands on our backs.  We drop pebbles into the creek and startle the water striders, add to the trove of shining rocks and stones. Preteen bombadiers, we laugh at splashes.  Twenty feet away, in another world, our parents and their friends sit on blankets, eat sandwiches and drink beer.

The stories are fanciful, clever and short.

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