Weekend Champloo, March 9-11

by on March 8th, 2012

Image from www.wikipedia.org

It looks like a beautiful taste of spring is coming our way this weekend, so why don’t you get out and frolic in the sunshine? Try some of these outdoor activities and soak up some rays!

Make an AWESOME paper airplane: You can find some pretty nifty paper airplane designs and instructions online, but this one in particular caught my eye. The materials are easy to find around your home, and after construction is finished on your plane, you can go fly it in the park! And here’s a collection of other airplanes, if you get really into it.

Make a Makedo giant wind ball: Got some cardboard sitting around doing nothing? Make it do something . . . like blow around a park as a giant ball. Sound ridiculous? Well, it sort of is. But it looks like tons of fun to chase around, whether the chasing is done by you, your younger siblings, or your dog.

Fly a kite: Ok, so this one involves possibly purchasing a kite…or you could make one, if you’re feeling crafty. In any case, this was one of my favorite springtime activities as a kid, and you might just see me flying one this weekend!

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