Seeing Symmetry

by on May 29th, 2012
Seeing Symmetry Cover Image

While there are exceptions it is generally parents, rather than children, that seek out the math books in our Children’s Room. It is exciting to hand the parents a math book that their children will enjoy as well as learn from. Seeing Symmetry by Loreen Leedy is just such a book.

The text is spare and straightforward working hand in hand with the many illustrations to make the concept clear. A wide variety of examples from nature, art, the alphabet and holidays make the concepts of line and rotational symmetry easy to understand. Step by step, Leedy uses a pinwheel and a trillium to demonstrate the matches involved in rotational symmetry. From its visually striking symmetrical cover to the many examples within, the book makes finding symmetry in our world a fun and interesting activity. The back matter with activities and further explanations is helpful as well. The final page explaining why symmetry is an important math concept will be as helpful for parents (who often equate math with numbers) as children. An excellent book to share as a family before a nature walk or a game of Pac-Man.




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