Local Music Project launches at music.icpl.org

by on June 7th, 2012

The Iowa City Public Library is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative service: The Local Music Project.

The Library has loaned music for decades, CD’s most recently, but vinyl before that. The market for these is shrinking though, and we’ve been looking for a new model. Here it is: If you have an Iowa City Public Library card, and live in Iowa City or an area that contracts with us (rural Johnson County, Hills or University Heights) you can now download free music from local musicians by visiting music.icpl.org.

You own it forever. There’s no DRM. It’s legal and the musicians got paid. So put it on your phone. Play it at parties. Turn it up.

One of the aims of this project is to encourage interest in local musicians. The Local Music Project represents the cream of local music over the last few decades, including such favorites as Salsa Orchestra, Big Wooden Radio, Dave Zollo, Dead Larry, Public Property, Scott Cochran and Flannel, High and Lonesome, Joe and Vicki Price, and Ben Schmidt. The list of what’s available is at 49 albums and growing.

We’ve dealt directly with musicians, who have leased us the rights to offer their music as part of the project. Our leases cover local material, sometimes out of print, and even live shows. As a result of this exposure, we hope new fans will go to a local show around town or even purchase copies of more recent records from these musicians. It’s also our hope that this model catches on, and other libraries adopt it, leading to a revenue stream for local musicians.
We’re happy to answer questions about our new service. Please contact us for more information.

Check it out: http://music.icpl.org/
FAQ (including contracts, etc.): http://music.icpl.org/faq.php

For more information, contact:
John Hiett

Senior Librarian, Information Services, Iowa City Public Library
319-887-6032, John-Hiett@icpl.org

April Jo Harder
Public Relations Specialist
Iowa City Public Library
319-887-6216, April-Harder@icpl.org

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