Iowa City Book Festival July 13-15!

by on June 23rd, 2012
Iowa City Book Festival July 13-15! Cover Image

This summer I’m reading my way to the 2012 Iowa City Book Festival July 13th – 15th.  First I read A Realiable Wife by Robert Goolrick.  I thoroughly enjoyed that book and look forward to diving into Goolrick’s new book, Heading out to Wonderful (thanks, Kristi!)

From Goolrick to Delsol … I just finished listening to the Young Adult Fiction novel, Stork, by Des Moines author Wendy DelsolWendy Delsol will be featured at the Iowa City Book Festival on Saturday July 14th at 1:30 PM and Sunday July 15th at 1:00 PM.  Stork is Delsol’s first book and the recording is narrated by Julia Whelan.

Following the divorce of her parents, sixteen-year-old Kat Leblanc has been transplanted from Los Angeles to the middle of nowhere Minnesota. She’s definitely an outsider and teen angst abounds. Kat doesn’t fit in, she dresses funny, and she misses her beloved Starbucks and father who were left behind in Los Angeles when Kat’s mother fled to her hometown. On top of this, strange things are happening in Norse Falls, Minnesota and everyone in town knows more than they will admit.  The mystery deepens when Kat has a strange encounter with her deceased-grandmother’s friend, Hulda, and finds herself inducted into an ancient order of women called the Icelandic Stork Society.  Kat soon discovers there’s more to life in Norse Falls than she realizes and her family and friends have kept secrets from her.  Kat is determined to make a life in Norse Falls but reluctant to discover the benefits of her membership in the Icelandic Story Society.

Wendy Delsol brings an authentic teen voice to this wonderful debut novel.  I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading more books by Wendy Delsol and meeting her at the 2012 Iowa City Book Festival.  See you there!

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