Weekend Champloo, July 6-8

by on July 6th, 2012

After two weekends of inside activities, I’m trying to get you guys out of the house/library. I mean, it’s summer, right? Time for summer activities!

Youth Disc Golf Clinic, Saturday, July 7, 9:00-11:30 AM, Coralville Lake, East Overlook Picnic Area. Admission is free! I’ll admit, I know very little about disc golf, but it sure looks fun, it requires little physical movement (which is a bonus when outside in 100+ temperature, or you’re totally lazy like me), and it doesn’t look too difficult to learn. The Press-Citizen says, Andy & Diane Hamer of Vicious Circle Disc Golf will conduct a clinic for young people at the disc golf course at the Sugar Bottom Recreation Area. Some discs will be available to borrow, or bring your own. This will be a free event. Meet at the picnic shelter in the day use area.”

Midsummer Night’s Dream Read Through, Sunday, July 8, 1:00 PM at Beadology, 220 E. Washington St., Iowa City, IA 52240. Admission is free! This looks interesting if you’re into Shakespeare or acting: “This community reading of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream is an ACE Experiment event. Scripts/books will be provided for participants to use. You need no experience or “talent” to participate, just a willingness to either read, act, and/or watch the play unfold. Bring food and drink to share.” I did a Shakespeare reading once with a bunch of friends – we didn’t act it out, but sometimes reading the play aloud makes for funny moments, especially with this play.

Not technically this weekend, but…

Remember to register for the I Am Number Four movie watching/book discussion program which takes place Tuesday, July 10 in Meeting Room A at 1:00 PM. You can register here by clicking the “Register Now” button and providing some basic information. Several copies of the book are available to borrow from the Fiction Desk on the 1st Floor of the library, if you can’t track down a copy. Just ask!

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