Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

by on August 8th, 2012
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I have been debating whether to write about “Gone Girl” since I read it last month.

The reviewers were ecstatic –

One of those rare thrillers whose revelations actually intensify its suspense instead of dissipating it. The final pages are chilling.” Kirkus (starred review)

It contains so many twists and turns that the outcome is impossible to predict.” Booklist (starred review)

Compulsively readable, creepily unforgettable, this is a must read for any fan of bad girls and good writing.  Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

I placed “Gone Girl” on reserve and eagerly waited my turn.  I got my email notice that my copy was on the hold shelf and thought, yippee, the weekend is ahead, it is too hot to be outside, I can lose myself in this fantastic novel.  Well, I read it, but I wasn’t nearly as captivated as the reviewers.   It didn’t have me sitting on the edge of my chair nor did I find the characters compelling or even all that interesting.  What happened?  Were my expectations to high?  Have Scandinavian mysteries made me want more action or excitement than I found in “Gone Girl”.   Today at work I found someone else who agreed with my assessment.  Finally, I wasn’t the only one who found Flynn’s book light and fluffy.  Not bad as a diversion but not the promised land of starred reviews and New York Times Best Sellers lists. I count myself in a tiny minority of non-fans of “Gone Girl” so don’t let me dissuade you from reading it, just let me know why you liked it and what I missed.

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  1. Bond Drager says:

    I had a totally opposite experience – I couldn’t put it down! I feel like I frequently have to choose between “well-written” and “lots of interesting plot twists”, and I felt like this novel was/had both. Maybe like you mentioned, it was a case of the expectations game coming around to defeat it in the end…

  2. Jason says:

    After hashing this book out with Lynn I found that my real issue with was that she came close to making some statements about human relationships in a postmodern world within the frame of a thriller but instead decided to just go for a pretty standard true crime tale hinging on a big reveal. I guess I was just guilty of expecting a bigger story.

  3. Paula Spoo says:

    It’s going to be a movie starring Reese Witherspoon.

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