Library renovation to begin in October

by on August 14th, 2012

The Iowa City Public Library is always striving to better serve patrons. The Library has responded to our community’s needs with plans for greater accessibility, service enhancements and a more positive Library experience. Beginning this fall, you will find many changes coming to the Library as part of its “Better Building, Better Service” project. The following video is an overview of work that will be completed in October and November 2012. The second phase of the project begins in September 2013.

The “Better Building, Better Service” renovation project is funded through City tax dollars ($100,000 each in Fiscal Year 2013 and Fiscal Year 2014) and gifts will pay for an additional $240,000 in improvements. The Iowa City Public Library Friends Foundation is accepting contributions. To support the Library’s “Better Building, Better Service” project, visit or call 356-5249.For more information, visit

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My mom called me up out of the blue one day and complained to me that her local library (not ICPL) was relying too much on self-check outs and there were never people available at the desk when she wanted to check out there. She said she really missed this patron-librarian interaction, even if it was just to say hello whenever she stopped in. When I heard you were getting rid of your front desk, I became worried that the same type of thing will happen at ICPL. I REALLY hope your combined fiction/check-out desk does not deter people with long lines or constant busyness from stopping by with a quick question or from wanting to check out there. That would be incredibly disappointing.

    • April Harder says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. Offering a single HELP Desk at our entrance will allow more ICPL staff to be out in the Library, helping patrons who may have questions in the stacks or those walking around looking for something in the Library. Our staff will be available and ready to help at the HELP Desk as well. Just look for anyone with a name badge/lanyard on. We continue to offer more services beyond checking out at the self-check stations. You can now look up your holds, pay a fine, etc. at self-check stations. We see these services being increasingly utilized by our patrons. We also plan to have additional staff members stationed near the self-check stations in weeks to come to assist patrons with using the self-check stations and the new DVD unlocking systems. We hope our visitors to the Iowa City Library find these changes will make the Library more accessible and even easier to use in the future.

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