Crash Course Crafts This Fall!

by on September 4th, 2012

Sock Monsters! Image via

I love crafting. I’ve loved it since I was a teenager, and I love getting other teenagers hooked on creating cool stuff with simple materials. I never really settled on one craft in particular, and instead I know a little bit about LOTS of crafts. It drives me bonkers that I didn’t become a virtuoso knitter, but as a result, I know the basics of crafts like felting, crochet, knitting, quilting, and sewing (and little stuff like origami, friendship bracelets, picture frames, etc.). And guess what? I get to share all of my eclectic craft knowledge with you!

Starting this month, I’ll be helping you “Crash Course Craft” on Saturdays in Teen Tech Zone from 1:00-4:00 PM. I’ll have craft supplies at the ready if you just want to drop by and hang out, or you can bring a project you’re working on (remember, we’re in a computer lab, so keep the projects you bring simple and non-messy, please). And if you’re not into crafting and you want to be, stop by! We’ll find something for you to make. The goal of Crash Course Crafts is to learn, share, and create cool crafts, so feel free to offer suggestions for crafts and projects! You can send suggestions and questions to¬†teens[at]

Remember: Saturdays during Teen Tech Zone (1:00-4:00 PM) in the Computer Lab on the 2nd floor! See you there!

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