Guys Read November update

by on November 20th, 2012

There were six of us present for the Guys Read book club last Saturday, members present included: Theo, Grayson, Milos, Milo, Casey, and Jason (me).  Since part of our goal is to spread our love of reading and inspire others to pick up our favorite books I thought it would be cool to have the meeting publicly at The Wedge next door!  Even before we arrived, a happy stranger loudly exclaimed that the book Milos was carrying (Leviathan) was cool.   “We know!”

We set up our sign, got a slice, and talked about books for an hour.  Good times!  Everyone was impressed with this month’s selections and we agreed we’ll be reading more from both of the series on our own.  For the December meeting we decided to tackle Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan since it is on the Iowa Teen Award list, and, instead of a comic this month, we’ll sample from the Guys Read short story series (thanks to Oscar for the idea last month).  A few members mentioned that they get extra credit for reading from the Teen Award list so that’s a bonus, also it was mentioned we should hit these teachers up for extra credit for attending Guys Read!

Most members were receptive to the idea of meeting for an extra hour of free reading as a group after the discussion time.  I thought other young guys would benefit from seeing a group of guys hanging out publicly and reading for fun, might also be a good way of picking up a few new members!  We’ll try this at our December meeting and see how it goes.

Here’s a list of some reading our crew is in the midst of:

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