Mission Creek Festival: The Lit List

by on April 1st, 2013
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Since 2006, the Mission Creek Festival (April 2-7) has been bringing together national and local artists for several exciting spring days of music, performance art, and literature. This year, ICPL is joining the festival programming with its teen concert on April 5, featuring Other Band, Conetrauma, and Bass/Drum.

But beyond this new collaboration, I am personally excited to see Mission Creek’s literary fare continue to grow. How can a book-lover not be excited by this literary lineup? A lit crawl, a small-press book fair, and a “broadway-quality” poetry concert? This is hot stuff.

If you are the type to “try before you buy,” consider checking out some of the writers visiting Iowa City for this year’s literary events. We don’t have everything, but the Iowa City Public Library does have works by the following exciting authors and poets:


Aleksandar Hemon

John D’Agata


Michael Zapruder

Kiki Petrosino

Mary Jo Bang

Patricia Smith

Mindy Nettifee


Eileen Pollack

Dina Nayeri


Don’t see the book here you’re most interested in checking out? Let us know through a Purchase Suggestion.

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