Distance: It’s More Than You Think

by on April 12th, 2013

It’s easy to walk around everyday, thinking you have an excellent understanding of scale and distance.

But unless you are some sort of insane genius (and even with Doc, I doubt it), it’s incredibly difficult for our human brains to comprehend scale in any precise terms.

Check out this website, designed to demonstrate just how FAR Mars is from Earth. It uses pixels to help us understand distance.

Then, while your brain is feeling wrinkled, explore this website called The Scale of the Universe. Scroll left to zoom in on the supersmall, and scroll right to zoom out to…well, the estimated size of the universe. Click on the images to learn more about them. (The Minecraft world is included: see if you can find it!)

Feeling small? Well, you literally are…but you can feel bigger by volunteering, learning more, or just going for a walk. So get out of the house! It’s a big universe out there. 🙂


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  1. elyse says:

    This is fantastic!

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