So much more than a treehouse.

by on April 26th, 2013
So much more than a treehouse. Cover Image

Close your eyes for a second and imagine the most wonderful treehouse you can think of.  If you’re like me, what comes to mind is probably something out of Swiss Family Robinson.   My real-world experience with treehouses is very limited.  Trees we had.  Tree swings even.  But not a treehouse.

The people at Black & Decker and have come up with the most amazing DIY guide to treehouses I’ve ever seen.   You want your kids or grand kids to have their own Swiss Family Robinson adventures, or if you’d like to have them yourself,  The Complete Guide to Treehouses is for you.

Although it does assume some previous familiarity with tools and basic construction methods, as you’d expect from Black & Decker, there are step by step instructions full of photos and diagrams to lead you through the process.  Well written and easy to follow, the book is laid out in four sequential sections, each building on the previous.

Treehouse Basics deals with all the things to consider before you build:  Choosing the right tree or trees, Planning and Design considerations, including local laws or ordinances;  and Treehouse Safety.

Treehouse Building Techniques is the largest section of the book (as you’d expect from Black & Decker) and includes the how-to information for each of the basic components of a treehouse: the platform, walls, doors, windows, roof.  They include  proper building and safety considerations for each step. From anchor bolts, joist hangers, knee braces, framing walls, doors and windows it’s all here. And it’s presented in a way that even a novice builder can follow.

Plans for 6 different treehouses are included at the back of the book, if you’d rather follow a pre-designed plan.  But beware – one flip through this book and you’ll want to building your own treehouse!!



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  1. Erin says:

    Ahhh treehouses…they would have been so much more fun had I not been afraid of heights. The neighbors a couple doors down the street had one, but the younger kids were not really allowed to use it as it was in rather decrepit shape.

    Black and Decker shoudl swing a deal with the owners of the Swiss Family Robinson copyright…buy the B&D book, get the SFR for half-price.

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