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ICPL Honors Library Volunteers

by on May 15th, 2013

Volunteer celebrationThe Corridor Business Journal recently reported Iowa was ranked #3 nationally in “Volunteering and Civil Life in America.” More than 910,000 Iowans volunteered more than 99 million hours. Iowa City lead the state in number of hours volunteered, coming in at average of 57.6 hours per volunteer per year.

At the Library, we have first-hand knowledge of our patrons’ willingness to dedicate their time and energy to making a difference in our community and in the Library. To show our gratitude, the Library honored 36 selfless volunteers at a ceremony on Wednesday, April 24, 2013.

Volunteer of the yearAmong the honorees was Dr. William Pontarelli, this year’s Nancy Sereduck Volunteer of the Year. Dr. Bill, as he’s affectionately known, has volunteered in the Community & Access Services department, checking in books, since 2004. Dutiful, precise, warm-hearted, informative, and helpful are just a few of the words used to describe our Volunteer of the Year. From offering sage advice and his professional opinion to making everyone he works with feel comfortable and welcome, Dr. Bill has carved a place not only in the Library, but in our hearts.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Pontarelli and all of the Library volunteers!

100 Hour Award
Sarah Burnett
Rachael Carlson
Michael Conlon
Linda Eastman
Philip Fontana
Kirsten Glover
Derek Gomer
Amanda Horn
Sara Kaiser
Eveling Rojas
Ellen Segar
Maggie Winegarden

200 Hour Award
Kelli Andresen
Wai Yin Chan
Mary Jo Dane
Kathy Mitchell
William Moorhead
Debra Pughe
Mary Siegel
Jane Singer

300 Hour Award
Elizabeth Carroll
Jim Davis
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Don Friedman
Candice Gordon
Catherine Morita
Abram Nothnagle
Al Paxton
Julie Spencer

400 Hour Award
Susan Brown
Lori Cochran
Karen Eichler

500 Hour Award
Roberta Holstein

1,000 Hour Award
Chuck Felling

2,000 Hour Award
Helen Baum

2,500 Hour Award
Susanne Humphreys

Nancy Sereduck Volunteer of the Year
Dr. William Pontarelli



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