New Additions to Local Music Project

by on September 23rd, 2013

The ICPL Local Music Project has had some really great press lately and we hope it has helped more Iowa City, Hills, University Heights, and rural Johnson County residents discover this new project of ours.  I’m always on the lookout for more local artists to add and a goal for this year is to add more of the underrepresented genres such as: classical, electronic, avant-garde, country, jazz, and hip-hop.  I’m excited to introduce you to a few new signings that have happened since July:

Pen to Paper by Chasing Shade

This folk-rock album came out in 2011 and, like much of the best IC music, was recorded at Flat Black Studios.  You may have heard the guys at Camp Euphoria, Friday Night Concert Series, or one of their solar powered shows during recent RAGBRAIs. The boys have recently moved to Los Angeles to sell their souls (kidding) but we hope they enjoy their time on the coast!  Be sure to catch them on their next visit to Iowa City in the coming years.

85 Decibel Monks and Chained Reaction by Tack-Fu

Lucky for us, Tack saw an article in the DI promoting the Local Music Project and approached me about getting his albums added to the catalog.  We have two of his early 2000s hip-hop compilations, he’s featured as producer alongside a variety of DJs, MCs, and co-producer Chaircrusher/Kent Williams.  The albums feature a mix of some vocal and instrumental tracks, sounds tend towards old-school rap beats, jazz/string samples, and soul/funk sensibilities.

Stay tuned for more additions!  Be sure to contact me at jason-paulios[at] if you know of other acts that you feel would be a good addition to the collection.


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