Getting lost in Lost Lake

by on February 12th, 2014
Getting lost in Lost Lake Cover Image

I discovered Sarah Addison Allen’s work about five years ago, devouring her first two books — Garden Spells and The Sugar Queen — in just a few days. I had to wait for her to publish more, but my patience paid off with two more great stories: The Girl Who Chased the Moon: A Novel and The Peach Keeper: A Novel.

I was not aware that Allen was set to release a new book in 2014, but when I did, I was thrilled to learn it was already out and the Library had it on stock!

Lost Lake is a story about people who are at a turning point in their lives, but are unsure of which way to go. It seems fitting that this group of misfits  have such ties to a run-down summer hideaway called Lost Lake.

Owner Eby Prim loves Lost Lake, but time has taken its toll on her and the cabins that used to house vacationing families. Restless, she agrees to sell the property, but her last summer takes an unexpected turn when her grand-niece arrives. Struggling with the death of her husband, Kate Pheris needs direction and her precocious daughter, Devin, needs to freedom.

Three generations of women, plus a scattering of supporting characters to add mystery, humor and depth, make Lost Lake a treasure worth finding.

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