Think Spring!

by on February 19th, 2014
Think Spring! Cover Image


For my outreach visits this month, I’m thinking of spring and the sounds of spring.  In spring, Downy Woodpeckers make lots of noise, with their drumming on trees. A fairly new bird book to the ICPL’s Children’s Room came to mind and it is literally a “hole” lot of fun!


Peck, Peck, Peck by Lucy Cousins is an adorable book about a baby woodpecker. He learns how to peck a hole in a tree from his daddy. Daddy bird encourages his little bird to practice this skill and baby bird gets carried away and pecks holes in just about anything and once he starts, he just can’t stop! “I peck, peck, peck/an eggplant, /a tangerine, /a butter dish, /a nectarine, /a green bean, /a sardine, /and seventeen jelly beans.”

On each page the reader sees cutout holes and the holes get more numerous as the baby woodpecker gets carried away.  You’ll have as much fun reading this to your kids as I’ve had reading this delightful story at my outreach visits.

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