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The Fire Temple

by on March 1st, 2014

The Lego Movie

Since Valentine’s Day the Children’s Department has been home to an original Lego castle specifically built for our display case by Sam Maynard.  This castle was constructed to be displayed in sections but in fact was assembled as one piece with individual fold out sections.  This deceptively simplistic concept has allowed us to display the castle in multiple ways so every part of its complex interior can be viewed and enjoyed.   Chock full of costume characters from some of our favorite movies, fairytales and adventures we have created a visual scavenger hunt.  I have been moving these characters over the past few weeks to create individual stories that patrons can follow by checking back to see where characters are now.  I started with Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Man in separate sections of the castle for instance, and over time they have come together and now stand, weapons drawn facing one another.   Make sure to keep checking the castle to see what happens next!

As part of the fun of the Lego Castle I thought it would be great to get our youngest Lego fans involved by having a name drawing.  Today I drew one name and am happy to announce that the Lego castle has been dubbed “The Fire Temple” by Edward Kenyon.   My thanks go out to all of those who entered the drawing, we ended up with almost 50 names!

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