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Calling All Knitters: Penguins (May Not) Need Sweaters!

by on March 6th, 2014

gunther sick

I’m not being funny, y’all. Nasty oil spills off the coast of Australia make it tough out there for our flightless feathered friends, and you can make a difference! A wee, adorable difference.

Ice King, you’re doing it wrong!

Sweater (aka jumper) patterns and where to send the finished products can be found here.

Have you knitted a bitty penguin sweater? Show ‘em off in the comments section!

gunther love



ETA:  OH BUT WAIT ~ the penguin situation may not be as dire as it first appeared! Ah, well. You can still follow the link to learn how to knit eensy weensy sweaters~ (And I guess they’re more like sweater vests, what with not having arms and all. [AND THE CAKE IS A LIE.])

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