Children’s Room Tantrums

by on March 7th, 2014

Does your child have moments like this?



Temper tantrums in the Children’s Room are very common especially among kids between the ages 1-4.  This is very distressing for parents. Tantrums happen at the train and Duplo tables, or when it’s time to leave the library, because the library is such a fun place to be! It’s totally understandable why a tantrum would occur.

Children’s librarians witness these meltdowns often; you could say that it goes with the territory. For the most part, we are attuned to the crying, stomping and screaming. However, there are times the crying goes on for what seems like forever… If only we could help.

Why tantrums? Well, toddlers don’t have the communication skills to effectively express how they are feeling.  Toddlers are sometimes overwhelmed by all the fun things the library offers. Frustrations in leaving can trigger a meltdown. Tantrums are triggered by other causes: a child is hungry, tired, or trying to test a parent’s limitations. Will a little one have his or her own way by crying loud enough? Giving into tantrums is not a good idea.

How can parents’ effectively help their toddler leave the library peacefully? The link below includes some helpful examples I found when I visited the Mayo Clinic’s web site: “Temper tantrums in toddlers: How to keep the peace.


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