Activity: Magical Rainbow Stew

by on April 16th, 2014

Don’t you just love spring? Every day it seems there’s more color, a welcome sight after the bleakness of winter.

Spotting rainbows after a spring rain is a fun family activity, but unfortunately rainbows don’t appear as often as we wish. The following Magical Rainbow Stew activity brings rainbows to you and your children whenever you want them – without the mud!

Magical Rainbow Stew

Items needed:

  • Flannel or magnetic board
  • Cauldron or a high sided-pot of some sort
  • Spoon (for stirring)
  • Colorful fruits (You can use felt, fun foam, or artificial fruit, or real fruit, too!)
  • Rainbow pieces (Made from felt or fun foam)
  • Dramatic flair

Before you start, place the rainbow pieces inside the pot.

2Colors in pot

Start the activity by asking your child(ren) to help name the different fruit. Ask them to name the color of each fruit.


Make sure your child(ren) only see an “empty pot” with a spoon sticking out.

1Empty pot (2) (2)

Magical Rainbow Stew

(Sung to the tune: “Jimmy Crack Corn”)

Take an apple,4Apple in pot

Put it in the pot.

Stir it, stir it, and stir it a lot.

Take it out now. What will it be?

The prettiest red you ever did see!

(Place the rainbow piece on the board It’s magical, so be dramatic!)

5Red rainbow (2)

Repeat with:

Orange – Orange or carrot

Yellow – corn or banana

Green – peas or pear

Blue – blueberry

Violet – grapes


I just love it when the kids ask me how I did this. My response? “It’s magical rainbow stew!”

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