Stump the Librarians Day: Sabin Elementary School

by on April 24th, 2014

sabin2Today we received a call at the Reference Desk from a patron that has us stumped.   The patron asked for information about a time capsule they believe had been placed in the former Henry Sabin Elementary School building at 500 South Dubuque Street here in Iowa City.  The building was built 1917, but the patron didn’t know when the time capsule would have been placed.

Unfortunately, after searching a variety of online and print resources like the Newspaper Archives and the Irving Weber’s Iowa City volumes, and even calling the ICCSD, we’re at a loss.  We couldn’t find even a hint of information about a time capsule.  So now we’re looking for help.   Does this sound familiar to you?  Did you attend Sabin Elementary?  Have you heard stories about a time capsule being buried there?   Any information you can provide would be a great help.

In general, Librarians are a curious bunch, and we really hate being stumped.   And now we all want to know the answer too!

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  1. Ron Hardy says:

    I talked to my mother this weekend. She taught first grade at Sabin between 1970 and 1973. She does remember a time capsule, she said it was Jerry Hogeland’s idea, who was the principal until 1972. She remembers that there was a ceremony, and that it was placed “in the ground”, but doesn’t remember any other details than that. About Jerry, she said he left Sabin in 72 and went to Florida but she thinks he moved back to Iowa City later. Hope this helps!

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