Ready for Summer & Library Cards

by on May 7th, 2014

Library staff members are diligently working to make sure students have Library Cards and are ready for summer!  Staff traveled to Robert Lucas and Grant Wood elementary recently to sign students up for Library Cards.  2014 04 Grant Wood library cardsStaff will be at Mark Twain Elementary’s Family Night on May 29 to sign students and family members up for Library Cards.

We are also working with Teacher Librarians and Student & Family Advocates to help students at other schools sign-up for Library Cards.  In these cases, school staff collect applications and forward them to Library staff.  Library staff issue the Library Cards and mail them to the student’s home.

We are also working with Johnson County Extension’s 4-H on Wheels summer program to extend Library services to students who will participate in 4-H on Wheels in Lone Tree this summer.  Library staff will travel to Lone Tree once a week to check out Library materials to students based on the weekly 4-H on Wheels theme.  The themes are generally STEM based and including information about nutrition, science, and other interesting topics.

Since the beginning of February, Library Staff have issued 144 Library Cards though our outreach efforts with local schools.  We appreciate the wonderful staff at our schools and their dedication to help students continue to read over the summer.

Here’s a rundown of the numbers.  Three Cheers for Library Cards!

School # Cards Issued
Lone Tree 13
Shimek 5
Weber 12
Horn 28
Mann 5
Lucas 19
Hills 2
Wood 60
Total 144

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  1. Katherine Habley says:

    The Children’s Room staff is also visiting all the Iowa City Elementary Schools including Regina and WillowWind to talk about the Summer Reading Program for children. We speak to kids in 1, 2 or 3 assemblies based on the school size and the first thing we talk about is getting an ICPL library card. These school visits continue during the month of May. They are a great cooperative effort between the teacher-librarians and the Children’s Room staff. Kids enjoy seeing us when they visit the Children’s Room and recognize us as the person that came to their elementary school. The kids we have spoken to so far are really excited about the FIZZ! BOOM! READ! Summer Reading Program. We also give every child a wallet for their new library card. Katherine Habley

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