Preferred Searches

by on May 23rd, 2014

You are able to save a search term (and accompanying limits) to bring up again later. This will not save the individual results, but the search criteria. It is a good way to see what is new from your favorite author or in a interesting subject. You can save multiple searches, so it can be a small time saver to just click down through your favorite searches instead of keying in each individually.

Two Catalogs

You might not know that there are two different catalog options, Catalog Pro and Catalog Classic. You can access both from the library’s catalog search page. The Catalog Pro tab is circled in blue. The Catalog Classic tabs are circled in orange.


Saving Your Preferred Searches

You can only save searches while logged in on Catalog  Classic. The option to save only appears while logged in. Once logged in, the “Save as preferred search” button will appear next to the “Search” button on your results page


Use the “Limit” button to limit your search by different material formats or different collections. Clicking the “Save as preferred search” button will save the search term and any limits you have added to the search.

Managing Your Preferred Searches

You can view and manage your lists in both Catalog Classic and Catalog Pro. When you are logged in, click on your name in the top right hand corner in Catalog Pro. In Catalog Classic, use the “View Your Account” located on the top of the page.

Catalog Pro


Catalog Classic



On your account page in both Catalog Classic and Catalog Pro, you will then select the “Preferred Searches” option. Here you can remove individual searches by checking the appropriate boxes under “Mark to remove” and clicking “Update List” You can also check the “Mark for email” box to receive an email when new items matching your search are added to the library’s collection.

Catalog Classic


Catalog Pro


Clicking on the “Search” link next to each saved search will perform the search in Catalog Classic, even if you are connecting via Catalog Pro..

That’s all for Preferred Searches.

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