Salad Days of Summer

by on June 25th, 2014

patricia wells salads

On these long steamy days of summer is there anything that sounds better than a nice fresh salad?

Some people  can create wonderful salads as if by magic.  But I’m not one of those people.  Even wandering through farmers market I get stumped on what would go well together.

ICPL has a some great salad cookbooks.  (Does one cook salad?)  Check out the new Salad pop-up display on the 2nd floor west of the Reference Desk, or at search in the ICPL catalog for subject Salads for some great ideas.


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  1. Candice says:

    With all the delicious tomatoes we have in Iowa during the summer, it’s the perfect time for caprese salad! That being said, you can’t really go wrong with a good, fresh tomato…a little salt, and you’re ready to go.

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