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Spark a Reaction: June

by on June 25th, 2014

Imaginator-CropHey folks,

We’re having a baller first month of the Summer Reading Program! So far we have 322 teen participants, of whom 55 have already submitted their first game cards. Don’t worry if you’re not one of them; everyone reads at eir own pace; ye’re all champions in my heart.

DON’T FORGET: somewhere on the game card, you need to write 1.) your name, 2.) the last four digits of your phone number (or whatever number you used to register), and 3.) the number of the prize you’d like a chance to win. Here they are again:

#1: The John Green Pack (a signed copy of Looking for Alaska and an audio book of The Fault in Our Stars)

#2: A Daydreams Comics gift certificate

#3: A Prairie Lights gift certificate

#4: A movie theater gift certificate to Marcus Theaters

PLEASE! WRITE! LEGIBLY! Because if it takes me longer than three seconds to make sense of somebody’s chicken scrawl, I CONSIGN THE OFFENDING GAME CARD TO THE FLAMES.

“But Jei,” you might well protest, “it’s dangerous to light fires in a library.” You’re right. I was exaggerating. I don’t incinerate difficult-to-decipher game cards. I fold them into paper airplanes THAT I THEN LAUNCH INTO THE SUN.

Remember, once you turn in your first game card (which is an automatic entry for the grand prize in addition to being an entry for your Prize o’ Choice), you can get a Bonus / Super Extra Bonus game card for YET MOAR entries into the Grand Prize Drawing (for a Kindle Fire)! Woowoowoo!

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