Volunteer Spotlight: Eileen Robinson

by on January 30th, 2015

We asked Book End volunteer Eileen Robinson a few questions for this “Volunteer Spotlight:”

How long have you been volunteering for the Iowa City Public EileenLibrary?

It has been many years. The Friends of the Library used to have book sales in the library’s garage and I worked at those. Then I worked in the used bookstore when it was on Linn Street in a separate building. My life got busy and I dropped out of volunteering for a few years. I have been back now for the past 10 years at the Book End and really enjoy it.

What do you do at the Library?

I serve on the Book End committee, which makes policy decisions for the Book End, and I serve as a cashier in the bookstore for 2 hours every week. It’s enjoyable to greet customers who love books like I do and help them find that CD, DVD, or book they’re looking for. It’s fun to see a child pick out a book for only 25 cents.

Why did you decide to volunteer at the Library?

I’ve been a user of this library for many years, starting with when my children were young. That made me want to give back, now that I have time to do so.

What is your favorite part of the collection?

I enjoy many types of books – fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, and biographies. I have wide interests.

What else do you like to do?

I also volunteer at my church, take time to keep up with the grandchildren, and enjoy traveling. My husband and I enjoy art and music, and Iowa City has much to offer.

Thank you, Eileen, for all of your time and hard work!

If you are interested in volunteering, go www.icpl.org/volunteer or come in to the Library and fill out a Volunteer Application.


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