Overdrive Tips: Two Accounts

by on February 27th, 2015

In case you are new to our eBook and eAudio service called Overdrive, you may want to get help from us to get things set up for the first time.  One of the confusing aspects of setting it up is the fact that there are two accounts that you need to use.  One is your ICPL Account.  This account corresponds to your library card number and allows you to check out books from our eBook and eAudioBook collection in Overdrive.  The second account is an “Overdrive Account” and serves as a way for Overdrive to keep track of who has what items digitally checked out and when the loan period is over.  Previously patrons used an Adobe ID for this purpose.  Both still work but the Overdrive Account gives you extra features which I outline below.

It is often confusing for new users to understand the difference during the setup process.  The first time you set up the Overdrive Media Console (OMC) on a device, it prompts you to sign in or register.  This is the Overdrive Account and you can register by supplying an email address and picking a password.  (Note: you may also use your Facebook account instead of an email address).

Later in the process, after you have specified ICPL as your library, you will have to sign in again using your library card barcode number and password. In both cases, after you sign in the first time, it will typically remember your passwords for both accounts.

The Overdrive Account has some features that some of you may take advantage of.  If you have several devices that you use for eBooks or eAudioBook, the Overdrive account will sync your progress and bookmarks between your different devices.  For example, if you listen to the same eAudioBook at home on an iPad and also on your Android phone on the way to home from work, it will keep track of where you are on both devices.  However, please note that you do have to actually download the eAudioBook to both devices;  In other words, it doesn’t automatically push your checkouts to all your devices.

Another “gotcha” to watch out for:  If you have set one device up with an Adobe ID and another device with an Overdrive Account, things can get wonky.  You may not be able to download an eBook to both devices.  We recommend using your Overdrive Account with all devices set up with a library card.  As always, feel free to call the library for help with sorting out problems with Overdrive.  Or even better, bring your device(s) down to our Drop-In Tech Help.  Here are some links you may find helpful:

More about OverDrive Account

More info on “syncing” your devices

Managing your devices

2 Responses to “Overdrive Tips: Two Accounts”

  1. Peter Stiffell says:

    up until a few days ago I have been using Overdrive on both my iPad Mini 2, my Amazon Kindle Fire 7 and My Samsung smartphone.
    Now when I try to download e-books from my library service, I get a message which says something like:-

    Server is down. try later.

    I have been in touch with the library (Norfolk Library and Information Service – based in Norwich United Kingdom and they were unable to help)

    At last, my query is, can Ihave two Overdrive accounts on the same email address. If so, how do I set them up?

    Many thanks in anticipation,

    Peter Stiffell

    • Meredith Hines-Dochterman says:

      Hi Peter,

      Are you on Twitter? We had a similar inquiry from another Overdrive user who wasn’t one of our patrons, but when they posted their issue on Twitter, tagging Overdrive, the company reached out to them and the issue was resolved. Because this is a service we subscribe to, and the issue isn’t with ICPL’s software, that’s probably the best route to go. If you aren’t on Twitter, here is the address to their website: https://help.overdrive.com/

      As for your question about two accounts with the same e-mail address, I wasn’t able to locate anything on the company’s FAQ page that addressed that question. It had information about one account on multiple devices, but not multiple accounts with one e-mail.

      I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!


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