Chuck Felling is our Volunteer of the Year

by on April 30th, 2015

Last night, we were pleased to award Volunteer of the Year to Chuck Felling, who has volunteered at the Iowa City Public Library for nearly 15 years.  Chuck can be found checking in books here every Tuesday morning.

ChuckFellingVotYSusan Craig, Chuck Felling, and Nancy Sereduck

“I always enjoyed the Library and I’ve always loved books,” Chuck says.  “There seem to be trends.  We have mystery days and science fiction days and non-fiction days.  Another change is the increase in graphic novels.  When I started volunteering, there weren’t that many, but now I check in a lot every week.”

Also a volunteer at the Food Bank and the Senior Center, Chuck is retired from a career as Director of Speech, Language, and Audiology at the University of Iowa, where he taught, wrote grants, did research, and worked with students and colleagues.  Our Volunteer of the Year may no longer teach formally, but he teaches through his actions and kindness, and we are honored by his commitment to the Iowa City Public Library.

If you are inspired by Chuck and interested in volunteering at the Library, here’s how to get started.

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