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by on April 30th, 2015

Nine thousand one hundred and forty hours contributed by Library volunteers in one year.  The average American working full time works 1,700 hours in one year.  The more than 9,000 hours contributed to the Library in 2014 by our 292 volunteers is the equivalent of more than five full time people.  WOW

Tonight we will be thanking the many dedicated people who volunteer to help the Library.  Hour by hour they provide support in a variety of ways and also inspire others to give back as well.  In 2014 volunteers performed a variety of tasks, including checking in books; sorting gifts, staffing The Book End and maintaining the free shelf; helping with book discussions and reading programs at local care centers; and providing children’s programming.

This year is a special because we are celebrating the program’s 35th anniversary.  Although people had been contributing time before then, the official beginning of the volunteer program occurred in 1979 when the first volunteer policy was adopted by the Library Board, just in time for the hundreds of volunteers who formed the human assembly line that moved library materials from the Carnegie building across the street to 123 S Linn in 1981.

Our wonderful volunteers reflect a great community of involved people who support many local efforts.  Our Children’s Services Coordinator who came to Iowa City three years ago has told me more than once that she is amazed at the support that children’s programming receives on a volunteer basis.  A library director who has invested in an automated materials handling system to check in library materials marvels that we are able to accomplish that task with volunteers – ICPL has successfully recruited check in volunteers for more than thirty years.

I can’t list everyone’s name here, but want to call out the people who will be recognized tonight for contributing 1,000 and 1,500 hours to the Library.  We are thanking Kerry Evans, Mary Lou Matheson, Margaret Nelson, and William Pontarelli for 1,000 hours of support, and Jeanette Carter and Richard Dobson for 1,500 hours.

Couldn’t do it without you!

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