Bringing a Nebraskan to the Farmer’s Market

by on May 19th, 2015

When I moved from Nebraska to Iowa City a couple of summers ago, my friends and family couldn’t understand wNebraskahy I was leaving the “Good Life” for Iowa. It has since become my personal goal to educate
Nebraskans (as well as other non-Iowans) about how great life is on the other side of the Missouri! To achieve this goal, I jump at the opportunity to show guests some of the best spots in the community.

My family came into town last weekend for my Friday evening graduation ceremony, which was well and good, but I was really excited to show off the Farmers Market on Saturday morning. I knew that I was facing some pretty steep competition, because my mom enjoys visiting the Farmers Market in Omaha’s Old Market. We arrived early to avoid the crowd and took our time touring the stalls. My mom loved looking through the photos of the dairy goats at one stall and was especially interested in the bat houses made by another vendor. We both went home with some great looking (and smelling!) produce, which was cause enough for satisfaction, but I couldn’t hide my delight when she declared the Iowa City Farmers Market to be better than Omaha’s! Another win for Iowa City!

Though I do enjoy the sweet taste of success, nothing can compare to our hearty soup made with Farmers Market ingredients that we enjoyed for dinner last weekend!

I love looking up the farm where my produce was grown!

I love looking up the farm where my produce was grown!

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