Summer Relief at the Library

by on July 28th, 2015

I was recently at a cookout and met a guy who grew up in Iowa City.  He has since moved on and lived in many places around the country but he was home visiting his parents.  He never had central A/C as a kid and had fond memories of spending the long hot days of summer at ICPL.  He talked about watching movies at the A/V stations in the children’s room including the first time he saw TRON.   He also remembered the exact location in the stacks where he could find all TinTin books .  Even though he no longer lives in Iowa City, he still carries his ICPL library card that he received in 1982 and whipped it out to show me.  libcard2Are the dog days of summer getting you down?  Come on down, there is always plenty to do here at the library.

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  1. Kara Logsden says:

    I remember many childhood trips into the Library for relief from the heat. We didn’t have air conditioning until I was in 6th grade, so the Library was a welcome “cool place” along with swimming pools at City Park, Mercer Park and the Athletic Club. If I close my eyes I can imagine what the Children’s Room looked like in the old Carnegie Library and the bench that wrapped around one of the pillars where I loved to read. Hazel Westgate would be working at the Children’s Desk and I would look up from my book periodically to scan the room. When I got older, I “graduated” to a chair on the top floor with my nose in a Nancy Drew book or watching a filmstrip in the AV area. Lots of great ICPL memories on hot days!

    • Kandy Maharas says:

      I remember fondly the Carnegie Library. My mother took me there and the Librarian told me I could check out any book I wanted. ( I must have been about 6 yrs old ~1951) I thought I had “died and gone to heaven”. I remember the way the library looked inside as well.

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