First Presbyterian Church on ICPL’s Digital History Project

by on September 12th, 2015


This weekend culminates a year-long celebration of First Presbyterian Church’s 175th anniversary, with events planned at the Church and at their previous location at Old Brick. Here at the Library, we are very excited to unveil a new collection of items in our Digital History Project–materials from the Church’s extensive archive of items from throughout its history!

This collection of items is the product of many hours of work in the Church’s library with archivist Dwight Miller, as well as behind the scenes at the Library, finalizing images and adding data. In these documents you’ll find the story of the early Church and its founding as well as its changes throughout the years, details about the construction of the first church building along with that of Old Brick and the current structure, and a lot of information about various people who have been part of the Church. You’ll also find part of the story of Iowa City; the Church was formed while Iowa was still a territory, Iowa City had only been settled for about ten years, and prominent people, business owners, politicians, and every day people from that time are all represented in some of the items here.

We hope you enjoy browsing through these pieces of history. If you have any information or historical material you’d like to add to the collection, feel free to use the comments box on the Digital History website, or contact Candice Smith at or Melody Dworak at

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