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by on October 1st, 2015

camWe have had several posts about cameras lately (see scene from above and caterpillar cam) and I thought I’d chip in with something I found out recently.  Recently a patron was asking me about the traffic cams at busy intersections in the city (OK it was my Dad).   I know I’ve heard various things about these cams so I asked my inside source at the city.  He told me that the cameras are just for traffic flow and not for citations.  They can detect when a car is sitting at a light and can even detect how many cars are waiting in order to time the signal properly.  These cameras are replacing the old sensors that are buried in the street.  The cameras have the logic built into them instead of being controlled by a central computer.  I asked if they could be used  in case there was a dispute about a traffic accident.  He said nothing is recorded and the cameras aren’t designed to give good coverage of the whole intersection anyway.  There are also a few other cameras that are strategically positioned around the city to provide information about road conditions.  These are also not recorded.  So my Dad was right.  I hate it when that happens.

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  1. Heidi Lauritzen says:

    Thank you for this information! I too have often wondered how those cameras work. (And, I want to know more about the old sensors buried in the street.)

    Continuing your theme of public cameras, my favorite discovery recently was the camera at the Iowa City DOT driver’s license station at East Dale Plaza. It views the waiting room and refreshes the picture of it on their website every three minutes. So, if you need to go to the DOT station to get or renew a driver’s license, you can check first to see how busy they are. Here’s the link:

    And remember, Iowa City Public Library now has a DOT Driver’s License Kiosk on our second floor. Here’s information on who may use it to renew or update their license:

  2. Tom Jordan says:

    Very interesting!

  3. LulaPalmer (Mom) says:

    Verrry Interesting. Thank you for researching this. Now we can lay it to rest!

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