IC Farmer’s Market Harvest Storytime Recap

by on October 3rd, 2015

With a chill in the air, it was time for the last Farmer’s Market Storytime. I found a sunny spot on the Chauncey Swan Park lawn to spread my blankets for a cozy place to read. A small but dedicated group joined me as the band started playing in the opposite corner of the park. Some of us were still finishing breakfast buys from the market, so I took a moment to talk about the fall harvest and what it brings to the farmer’s market.

Then we read our first book, All for a Dime by Will Hillenbrand. This story follows three friends as they get ready to sell their wares at Market Day and shows what they get for just a dime.

After the story, we found out you used to be able to buy lots of things for just a dime or a penny. We took advantage of a pause in the music to sing “Hot Cross Buns”

Hot cross buns,
Hot cross buns,
One a penny,
Two a penny.
Hot cross buns.

Then I talked about how a lot of the food we find at the Farmer’s Market is grown on farms or in gardens. To illustrate this how plants go from seed to table, we read Plant a Little Seed by Bonnie Christensen.

One of the families present mentioned they had apple pie for breakfast, so it was a great coincidence that I had brought an Apple Tree action rhyme with me.

This is the tree with leaves so green (wiggle fingers above head)
Here are the apples that hang in between (make fists)
When the wind blows (wave arms)
The apples will fall (arms move down)
Here is the basket to gather them all (make a circle with arms)

To introduce our last story, Raccoons and Ripe Corn by Jim Arnosky I talked about how raccoons can sometimes cause trouble when looking for their next meal. But in this harvest time story, they also help some too.

Since we had such a small group we went around at the end of storytime and sang a quick goodbye song for each child.

Bye bye Morgan
Bye bye Morgan
Bye bye Morgan
It’s been lots of fun!

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