Thankful for ICPL

by on November 20th, 2015

You might have noticed our latest display on the first floor that states “Be Thankful for Books” which without a doubt, I am, but I am also thankful for all the other resources made available by Iowa City Public Library. Recently, I have caught myself taking our local library for granted, which has taught me to appreciate the services that ICPL is able to provide to our community and to give thanks (900x900)definitely take advantage of them!

During a recent trip home to visit my mom, we had to rearrange our weekend plans to ensure that we could make it to her local Library before they closed on Saturday since they are closed every Sunday. Thankfully, ICPL’s hours are pretty comprehensive, and their website can fill in most gaps when the library is closed. I have done research using library databases, renewed and reserved books, downloaded ebooks and magazines, and downloaded music all while the library was closed.

When visiting with my Grandma recently, she was trying to remember the names of several older books that I was not familiar with. Much to her delight, I was able to solve our mystery using my favorite online resource, NoveList, a readers’ advisory tool that allows you to find just the right book to suite your interests. I started to show her how she can use it on her own, when I realized I should check to be sure her library in South Dakota offers NoveList. Unfortunately, it did not. I was so used to using this database that I hadn’t even considered that other libraries might not be able to provide it.

My other grandma, also a lifelong reader, suffers from arthritis and mobility issues and after a conversation with another family member last Spring, I began thinking that audio books would be a perfect way for her to continue reading without having to worry about her physical limitations. I knew about the At Home program offered by ICPL, so I searched for a similar service offered by her local library in California. After several phone calls I learned that they do not have a service to bring library materials to community members with mobility issues.

I have a whole list of other services and resources provided by ICPL that I love, but I would be typing until December if I don’t stop myself, so how about you comment and tell me what library resources you are thankful for?

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