Polar: A Photicular book

by on December 13th, 2015
Polar: A Photicular book Cover Image

Dan Kainen is back with another wonderful Photicular book. His two other books Safari and Ocean were showstoppers. Polar, written by Carol Kaufman, a National Geographic writer, highlights a number of animals which inhabit the polar regions of the earth.  Kainen,  uses the Photicular process to provide video-like images of the animals and the aurora borealis.  The polar regions were selected because the rapid changes taking place at both the North and the South Poles. The warming of the planet has caused the ice to melt.

The book opens with an essay by Kaufman detailing the polar areas, the current conditions and the animals and peoples that live in the oceans and on the land.  She also warns that the consequences of the melting ice to the rest of the planet.  What happens n the polar regions will affect us all. The spectacular images begin with the Adelie penguins that grace the cover.  The next is the polar bear and her two cubs. Included with the image is a short essay and details on the animals including size, habitat, range, diet, life span in the wild, threats and the current estimated population.  The other subjects are the snowy owl, the walrus, sled dogs, beluga whales, reindeer and the final image is that of the aurora borealis. It is Kainen and Kaufman’s hope that their book, Polar, will bring into even sharper focus the perilous state of the most northern and southern environments.

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