D&D with Teens: Lost Mine of Phandelver part 2

by on February 9th, 2016

dndAfter our intrepid adventurers defeated the four ferocious goblins, they discovered a trail in the woods northwest of the goblin ambush. Hits Stuff and the Wizard Myself used their keen sense of survival skills to noticed that the path was frequented by goblins and that two human-sized items had recently been dragged along the path. Upon closer inspection of the two dead horses (mentioned in my previous account), Duncan aka Meatshield, noticed that one of the horses belonged to his cousin, Gundren Rockseeker. Gundren and his companion Sildar Hallwinter were the very souls that sent our adventurers on their journey to Phandalin. By making a logical leap, our party decided to tread carefully along the goblin path.

Their care paid off! With the fighters Dylan of Dylan and Hits Stuff in the lead, the party handily avoided two goblin traps set for wayward travelers. The path led to a cave with a clear stream flowing out of its mouth. Our clever warriors quieted their movements and crept across the stream to the path into the cave. Hiding in the thicket next to the cave mouth were two dozing goblin guards. The Wizard Myself took care of them by casting Magic Missle before they had a chance to respond!

As our party entered the cave, the Wizard Myself and Meatshield took the lead, as they have darkvision and the troop wanted to maintain their element of surprise. Entering the cave, they came to a room set off the main passage. The Wizard Myself whispered to the rest of party that there were 3 wolves in the room. WIth the aid of his fellow travelers, Meatshield successfully handled the wolves and made them friendly. Out of harms way for the moment, our merry band was able to explore the room, revealing a fissure! The party climbed up and squeezed through the crack in the wall and discovered a Bugbear, his pet wolf, and two goblin henchmen relaxing around the coals of a smouldering fire. After a long battle, our heroes emerged victorious and burdened with loot.

If you’d like to join our merry band of adventurers, we’ll be meeting on February 27th in the Teen Center from 1-3 and I’ll figure out a way to add you to our journey.

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