Introducing eMagazines for Kids on Zinio

by on May 24th, 2016

Zinio, the eMagazine service, keeps getting better and better. First, it became even easier to access all of your favorite magazines online–you just need to log in once. Now, the service has added new titles, this time for children of all ages. I’ve put together a handy guide for ages and interests.

Babies and Toddlers

BabybugBabybug: Brightly illustrated simple stories and poems  with a guide for caregivers to explain the early literacy lessons.






HelloHello: Focuses on building early language skills through stories and activities that parents and children can enjoy together.







Preschool and Kindergarten

High FiveHigh Five: Longer stories, crafts, poems, and puzzles designed to reinforce reading, math, and reasoning skills.







High Five BilingueHigh Five Bilingue: Provides children with the same combination of stories and activities to practice early learning skills, but in a bilingual Spanish/English format designed to support comfortable learning in both languages.






LadybugLadybug: Introduces children to the arts in age appropriate ways, through illustrated stories, songs, poems and crafts.







1st and 2nd Grade

ClickClick: Full of information about nature, science, the arts, and the world, perfect for kids who always want to know more.







3rd and 4th Grade

AskAsk: Answers the questions independent readers have about the world, with a focus on science. Uses jokes, comics, and crafts to up the fun factor.







Highlights for ChildrenHighlights: The classic magazine for kids, includes longer fiction and nonfiction, science experiements, puzzles and more to build confidence in reading and thinking skills.






SpiderSpider: High quality illustrations adorn stories and informational articles that encourage independent reading. Includes puzzles and riddles to expand on critical thinking skills.






5th through 9th Grade

American Girl MagazineAmerican Girl: Provides girls with source to find friendship advice, fun party ideas, quizzes and crafts, plus stories from real girls.







CobblestoneCobblestone: Presents American history using exciting graphics and photographs with lively articles connecting history to the modern day.







CricketCricket: Full of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from acclaimed authors buoyed by beautiful illustrations. Offers intelligent content designed to help readers explore and develop their own creativity.






DigDig: Connects world history and modern technology using archaeology. Explores the content of dig sites and the workings of museums and laboratories.






FacesFaces: Provides diverse glimpses into world cultures, including articles on folktales, geography, daily life, and history.







MuseMuse: Uses eye-catching graphics and illustrations to bring math, science, and technology to life, with articles designed to encourage kids to investigate further.






This is a guide to most likely age interests, but many magazines are appropriate for broader age ranges, with some parental aide in reading and explaining more complex articles. I hope everyone enjoys these educational and entertaining magazines in their new digital format. Go ahead and check one out today!

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