ICPL Teen Instagram Scavenger Hunt

by on May 31st, 2016

Have you all signed up for the Teen Summer Reading Program? Because you should. The grand prizes are awesome.

One way to earn a point for the Summer Reading Program is to participate in our Instagram Scavenger Hunt! Post pictures of 10 of the following items:

  1. A yearbook from the year you were born
  2. A bicycle repair book from the Adult Nonfiction section
  3. A library book with a battle on the cover
  4. A library book with people kissing on the cover
  5. Your favorite book from the library
  6. A CD you like in our music collection
  7. A shelfie (a picture of your bookshelves)
  8. A library card in a strange place
  9. You with your library card
  10. A posted rule in the library
  11. Your favorite piece of the Art-to-Go collection
  12. A recipe from one of our cookbooks
  13. your favorite movie from our DVD collection
  14. someone reading in a park
  15. A #bookface selfie (look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about!)
  16. A librarian flexing his/her muscles
  17. A selfie with your favorite library staff member
  18. A librarian with a copy of a book they’ve been meaning to read
  19. You or a friend eating fruit
  20. You or a friend looking cool in sunglasses
  21. You or a friend on a bike
  22. You or a friend performing a skateboard trick
  23. You or a friend picking up trash to throw away
  24. A newspaper headline from your birthday
  25. You or a friend listening to an audiobook

Tag those images using #ICPLteens and #ICPLscavengerhunt and let Brian, Lillie, or me (Allie) know what your username is so we can see your awesome pictures!  Every participant will be entered into a drawing for a super neat prize at the end of the summer!

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