Three Cheers for ICPL!

by on September 29th, 2016

To2016 09 Book Cart Drill Teammorrow the Iowa City Public Library’s Book Cart Drill Team will hit the streets as a part of the 2016 University of Iowa Homecoming Parade. The fun starts at 5:45 and we’re entry #25.

Every year Library staff have a lot of fun at the parade – it’s an awesome experience to feel the love for the Library from the crowd. We also have a lot of fun entertaining the crowd with the Book Cart Drill Team with various maneuvers such as the “Pinwheel” and “Snake.” Watch closely because there may also be a special appearance from our Super Hero, Book Man!

I’ve been tasked with leading cheers for the parade. I’m having a lot of fun sorting through the suggestions from Library staff. Which one is your favorite? Here’s some of the choices:

I say Library You Say Read
Library …. Read

Library … Read


We love reading, yes we do! We love reading! How about You?




Been here more than a hundred years, give the library three big cheers
hip hip hooray
hip hip hooray
hip hip hooray


2, 4, 6, 8, We like books that circulate!


Donde … Esta … La Biblioteca (repeat)


Having fun isn’t hard… when you have a library card!!!


Go Library! Go Hawks! We’ll see you at the Homecoming Parade!!

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