Shaping our roadways : I-380 Planning Study

by on June 28th, 2017

i380Do you drive to Cedar Rapids? Do you have an opinion about I-380 and the traffic flow between Highway 30 and I-80? Of course you do, everyone does and the Iowa Department of Transportation wants you to share your opinions with them.

The first section of I-380  was opened to traffic on September 19, 1973, connecting the Eastern Iowa Airport to I-80 near Coralville.

I-380 1973 IDOT map

The website Iowa Highways tells the story of when additional miles of I-380 were added.

  • September 19, 1973: First segment, from I-80 to the Cedar Rapids airport exit (#13), then IA 84, opened
  • December 16, 1975: Segment between 5th Avenue SW and 33rd Avenue SW in Cedar Rapids opened
  • June 25, 1976: Segment between 33rd Avenue SW in Cedar Rapids and the airport exit opened
  • June 11, 1979: Segment between 5th Avenue and 7th Street NE in Cedar Rapids opened
  • December 4, 1981: Segment between 7th Street NE and Glass Road/32nd Street NE in Cedar Rapids opened
  • November 17, 1982: Segment between Glass Road/32nd Street and Boyson Road in Hiawatha opened
  • August 9, 1984: Segment from Mitchell Avenue in Waterloo to the end of the US 20 multiplex opened
  • August 14, 1984: Segment from Hiawatha to IA 150 near Urbana opened
  • September 13, 1985: Last segment, between US 20 and IA 150, opened

For true enthusiasts of road history, the website give much more detail about I-380 including current photographs of the entrance signs to the I-380 from I-80 as well as historical ones.


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