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Event Board @ ICPL

by Kara Logsden on May 2nd, 2015

The Library Board recently reviewed and updated the policy that governs the Event Board where posters about community events are found in the Library’s Lobby.

Iowa City Public Library Lobby Event Board

Iowa City Public Library Lobby Event Board

According to the Board Policy:

The purpose of the Library’s public event board is to make space freely available to display information about events sponsored by or benefiting non-profit organizations (defined as those entities granted tax-exempt status by the IRS under section 501(c)(3) or other tax exempt sections of the Internal Revenue Code), a candidate’s campaign committee (as defined in Iowa Code §68A.102(5)), a political committee (as defined by Iowa Code §68A.102(18), or a governmental subdivision, or a department/bureau of a governmental subdivision.

The complete policy may be viewed at

If you would like to post a flyer about an upcoming event in Johnson County, please take the flyer to the Library’s Help Desk. Library staff post flyers each morning. Please note we often receive more flyers than we have room for, especially in the spring and fall. Preference is given to smaller flyers (8.5″ x 11″ or smaller) so we are able to post more items.

If you are looking for something to do, a stop at the Library’s Event Board is a great place to find out about events in our community.

Dig out your photos! Bring your IC-related pics to ScanIt@ICPL–May 9, 2-5 p.m.

by Candice Smith on May 1st, 2015

tbt42315I was digging through some boxes of photos the other day, and found this one that made me especially happy for two reasons. The first is because of the carousel–the Drollinger carousel in City Park. This is one of the rides that is still in the park, but when this picture was taken (I think in 1997 or 1998?) there were other rides that are no longer there. I like to think of all the times I was in the park, all the kids and families enjoying Iowa City’s very own amusement park that used to be just a little bit bigger.

I’m sure there are many of you who have similar items tucked away at home–maybe some photos of picnics or ballgames in the parks around town, or of your kids messing about in the old fountain in the ped mall (that old, wonderful, vaguely dangerous, somewhat evocative fountain), of family outings to the Devonian Fossil Gorge right after it was created. Pictures of the floods, of the tornado’s aftermath, of buildings that used to be downtown, old pictures from school, scenes of neighborhoods and homes from a while back. We want to see them! We’re looking for photos and documents related to the history of Iowa City to scan and add to our Digital History Project, and we’re hoping our patrons and community members can help!

The second reason I was happy to find this photo? Because the two tiny little children in it are turning 22 today–happy birthday, Peter and Rachel!

Overdrive Tips: How to return a title

by Brent Palmer on May 1st, 2015

A question we get quite often about Overdrive is “How do I return a title”.   Just as a reminder, you don’t have to return an item checked out from Overdrive.  After the loan period is over the item you borrowed will be returned automatically and you never receive late fees for them.  But there are a couple of reasons why you might want to.  First if  you are at your five-item limit, then you will have to return something in order to check out new items.  The other reason is just to be a good citizen.  If you are done with the book, returning it allows others to check it out sooner.

Now, how you return an item depends a little bit on what format  you chose and how you checked it out.   In most cases, you have to

  1. find the item in your device bookshelf.  (see the previous tip on two bookshelves)
  2. Tap and Hold the item until another menu appears with the options to return or delete the item.
  3. Select return.  (If you select delete, it will only remove it from your device without actually returning it to the library).

There are exceptions to this method (e.g. using the Overdrive Windows desktop version or Kindle eBooks).  For more information about all the different ways to return an item see Overdrive Help.

There can be situations where there is no way to return the item or where you just can’t figure it out.  If that happens, please call the library and ask for help in manually returning an Overdrive item.  We can always do it for you if necessary.  If you want more help we have time and staff dedicated each week to answer your questions about Overdrive in Drop-In Tech Help.

Chuck Felling is our Volunteer of the Year

by Stacey McKim on April 30th, 2015

Last night, we were pleased to award Volunteer of the Year to Chuck Felling, who has volunteered at the Iowa City Public Library for nearly 15 years.  Chuck can be found checking in books here every Tuesday morning.

ChuckFellingVotYSusan Craig, Chuck Felling, and Nancy Sereduck

“I always enjoyed the Library and I’ve always loved books,” Chuck says.  “There seem to be trends.  We have mystery days and science fiction days and non-fiction days.  Another change is the increase in graphic novels.  When I started volunteering, there weren’t that many, but now I check in a lot every week.”

Also a volunteer at the Food Bank and the Senior Center, Chuck is retired from a career as Director of Speech, Language, and Audiology at the University of Iowa, where he taught, wrote grants, did research, and worked with students and colleagues.  Our Volunteer of the Year may no longer teach formally, but he teaches through his actions and kindness, and we are honored by his commitment to the Iowa City Public Library.

If you are inspired by Chuck and interested in volunteering at the Library, here’s how to get started.

Childrens’ Day 2015!

by Vickie Pasicznyuk on April 30th, 2015

IMG_1254 Children's Day

It’s almost May, and we all know how quickly the rest of the school year goes! At the library, we’re planning an exciting kick-off to your summer season—Children’s Day, June 6, 2015! Mark your calendars now for this annual event produced by the Iowa City Public Library with Summer of the Arts during the Iowa Arts Festival. This is a great time to sign up for the ICPL’s summer reading program—Every Hero Has a Story. You can also get creative at the activity booths and enjoy a show on the Family Stage. With live performances, arts and crafts, fun activities, and Planting Day for ICPL’s Children’s Garden, there’s something for everyone!

 SATURDAY, JUNE 6, 10 am to 3 pm

Sponsored by MidWestOne Bank

 Family Stage

sponsored by Dr. Suzanne Stock, Orthodontist

10:00 AM    Jester Puppets H.E.R.O.s

10:45 AM    Zach Metzler Juggling

11:00 AM    Mr. S and the Sand Box Band

12:15 PM     Zach Metzler Juggling

12:30 PM     Mrs. HinkyDink Clown and Magic Show

1:00 PM     Zach Metzler Juggling

1:15 PM     The After School Specials concert by Shimek Elementary BASP

2:15 PM     Zach Metzler Juggling

2:30 PM     Kol Shira band

Strolling Entertainment

10:00 AM – 12:30 PM     Dean Franzen, the Dean of Juggling and Unicycling

12:30 PM – 3:00 PM     Tubador

Activity Booths:

  • Every Hero Has a Story ICPL summer Reading Registration
  • Catch the Beat with Yahoo Drummers
  • Celebrate Caribbean-Style Carnival with the Iowa City Carnival Project
  • Chess Quest with Douglas Narveson
  • Crazy Locks Hair Salon with ICPL
  • Dinosaur Hollow with Jack Neuzil
  • Electrifying Spin Art with Johnson County 4-H and Big Brothers, Big Sisters
  • Fiber Art Kids with the Craft Guild of Iowa City
  • Furry Friends with the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center
  • Make Your Mark in the City of Literature with ICPL
  • making “Music Together” with Preucil School of Music
  • Paint the Town with ICPL and Blick Art Materials
  • Picture This! Silly Props for Photo Ops with ICPL
  • Read, Learn, Grow! Children’s Garden with Scott Koepke & Soilmates
  • Sing & Play & Learn Today with West Music
  • Sit, Stay, R.E.A.D. with the Therapy Dogs of Johnson County
  • Super Hero Capes with the Iowa Children’s Museum
  • The Wheels on the Bus with Iowa City Transit


ICPL Honors Volunteers

by Meredith Hines-Dochterman on April 30th, 2015

Iowa City Public Library volunteers provided more than 9,100 hours of service during the 2014 calendar year.

“We are grateful for our volunteers for giving their time and talent to the Library and our community,” Library Director Susan Craig says. “As we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Library’s Volunteer Program, it’s a great time to reflect on what a difference our volunteers make.”

In the past 35 years of the program, 4,232 volunteers have worked 251,271 hours assisting with book check-ins, materials maintenance, prepping supplies for events, helping plan teen programs, operating The Book End, and serving on the Board of Trustees, and on the Friends Foundation Board of Directors.

During the 2014 calendar year, 292 volunteers worked at the Library. On Wednesday, April 29, the Library said thank you with a reception and a ceremony, during which 43 volunteers received recognition awards for achieving milestone hours of service.

Chuck Felling was named the Nancy Sereduck Volunteer of the Year. Felling has volunteered in the Community & Access Services Department for nearly 15 years. When asked to describe our Volunteer of the Year, Library staff said he was “dedicated, caring and wonderful to work with.”

The Library congratulates Felling on his achievement and thanks all volunteers for their service.

Volunteers receiving recognition awards for 2014:

The Iowa City Public Library honored its 2014 teen and adult volunteers during the annual Volunteer Recognition Celebration on April 29. Forty-three volunteers received recognition awards for achieving milestone hours of service and Chuck Felling was named the 2014 Nancy Sereduck Volunteer of the Year. Pictured are some of the volunteers honored for their hours of service. They are, back row, left to right: Stephen Merkel-Hess; Paul McCarthy; Joel Barnhart; Theo Prineas; Al Paxton; Bill Pontarelli; Natalie Holmes; and Jeanette Carter. Pictured in the front row, left to right, are: Maria Padron; Terri Caplan; Chuck Felling; Becky Johnson; June True; Kerry Evans; Cheryll Clamon; Bobbie Paxton; Deb Schultz; and Mary Lou Matheson. (Photo provided by the Iowa City Public Library)

The Iowa City Public Library honored its 2014 teen and adult volunteers during the annual Volunteer Recognition Celebration on April 29. Forty-three volunteers received recognition awards for achieving milestone hours of service and Chuck Felling was named the 2014 Nancy Sereduck Volunteer of the Year.
Pictured are some of the volunteers honored for their hours of service. They are, back row, left to right: Stephen Merkel-Hess; Paul McCarthy; Joel Barnhart; Theo Prineas; Al Paxton; Bill Pontarelli; Natalie Holmes; and Jeanette Carter. Pictured in the front row, left to right, are: Maria Padron; Terri Caplan; Chuck Felling; Becky Johnson; June True; Kerry Evans; Cheryll Clamon; Bobbie Paxton; Deb Schultz; and Mary Lou Matheson. (Photo provided by the Iowa City Public Library)

100 Hour Award

  • Akash Borde
  • Donna Byers
  • Clara Chua-Sierra
  • Natalie Holmes
  • Iver Hovet
  • Nancy Howe
  • Paul McCarthy
  • Stephen Merkel-Hess
  • Maria Padron
  • Richard Paulus
  • Bobbie Paxton
  • Janis Perkins
  • Theo Prineas
  • Celeste Reyes
  • Patricia Ryan
  • Deborah Schultz
  • Juli Statton
  • Rebekah Walker

200 Hour Award

  • Joel Barnhart
  • Sarah Burnett
  • Rachael Carlson
  • Linda Eastman
  • Jeanne Morris
  • Michelle Nagle
  • Angela Tyler

300 Hour Award

  • Philip Fontana
  • Ronald McCall
  • Kaitlin Thouvenell-Crowley

400 Hour Award

  • Becky Johnson
  • Kathy J. Mitchell
  • Corey Rew

500 Hour Award

  • Terri Caplan
  • Cheryll Clamon
  • Jim Davis
  • Al Paxton
  • Linda J. Prybil
  • June True

1,000 Hour Award

  • Kerry Evans
  • Mary Lou Matheson
  • Margaret Nelson
  • William Pontarelli

1,500 Hour Award

  • Jeanette Carter
  • Richard Dobson

Displays @ ICPL

by Kara Logsden on April 29th, 2015
Display on the "T-Walls" at the Iowa City Public Library

Display on the “T-Walls” at the Iowa City Public Library

The Library Board recently reviewed and updated the Display Policy that governs displays members of the community host at the Library. More information about display space at the Library may be found at

According to Board Policy:

The purpose of the Library’s display facilities is to fulfill the Library’s mission and increase awareness of Library resources. The Library provides display facilities for the public and Library use. Exhibits using these facilities shall further one or more of these purposes:

A. To call attention to a theme related to Library services, collections or programs.

B. To bring together Library materials from several subject areas related to a theme of current interest.

C. To highlight current issues, events or other subjects of public interest.

D. To display original art, crafts, photographs or writings created by Iowa artists or contained in traveling exhibits.

E. To explain the activities of, or issues of interest to, local organizations and agencies engaged in educational, recreational,  cultural, intellectual or charitable activities.

F. To display interesting collections or hobbies of local residents.

The next time you are in the Library, browse through the many displays at the Library. They are constantly changing and the information shared in informative and entertaining. If you would like to schedule a display at the Library, please call the Library at 319.356.5200 and ask to be directed to Stacey in Community and Access Services.

Book Babies – Spirit In Motion!

by Karen Gordon on April 29th, 2015



On Friday, May 1st at 10:30 am
Come sample Spirit in Motion! Nurturing joy through music and movement.
This is a fun, engaging program offered here at Book Babies. You and your baby will explore activities with guest Deb Singer. This early childhood music and movement program includes singing, cuddling, rocking, and dancing.
This program is free.

Through the Woods

by Casey Maynard on April 27th, 2015

Since I was small I have loved fairytales. It began with the original Grimm’s tales my mother read. I remember the illustrations more clearly than anything: the image of Rapunzel’s prince stumThrough the Woods Coverbling and blinded after being thrown from the tower is one I can conjure readily. Since that time, I have read as many fairytales and retellings as I could get my hands on. It is only as an adult that I recognize the why of this love for, even obsession with fairytales that began as a child.  These traditional stories encompass something innately human that has the capacity to be retold in multifarious ways, thus remaining fresh, somehow unencumbered by its own redundancy.

Recently this passion for all things fabled has led me to the work of Emily Carroll.  With many of her graphic short stories debuting online, it was not until July of last year that Carroll’s first book came into print. Through the Woods is a collection of five short stories all of which find their center in the forest. Definitely not your childhood bedtime stories, each is reminiscent of the archetype while simultaneously obliterating the gap between traditional fairytale and horror.through the woods

Where Grimm’s fairy tales hinted at the horror that awaited villains–red-hot iron shoes come to mind–Carroll’s tales thrust the reader into truly terrifying confrontations with evil.  Evil that not only surrounds each of us but has the capacity to be found within us as well.  It is in this way that Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods, leaves the reader unsettled, searching for a happy ending when we know that the journey will begin all over again tomorrow.Into the Woods

Accompanied by beautiful full color illustrations that bleed into text, Carroll’s graphic novel debut is stunning.  She leaves the reader the space to interpret what is left in the darkness of each page, unsaid and just out of reach.

For more of her stories and for a sneak peek of Through the Woods be sure to check out “His Face All Red” and the rest of her website,

Emily Carroll’s Website

through the woods





On Air: The ICPL Podcast Episode 11

by Meredith Hines-Dochterman on April 24th, 2015

Episode 11 of On Air: The ICPL Podcast is now available.on-air-the-icpl-podcast-large

This month the gang discusses when to quit an ongoing series, as well as entertainment binge-consuming and book clubs!

00:50: What we’re reading/watching/listening to. Brian- “Fadeout” by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

01:46: Jason- “Vesper for a New Dark Age” by Missy Mazzoli

03:25: Roomfull of Teeth

04:11: Meredith- “A Little Something Different” by Sandy Hall

06:04: Melody- “Dead Heat” by Patricia Briggs

07:05: When do you quit reading a Series?

18:45: TV Binge-Watching

22:33: Binge Listening Music

26:25: Consuming Comic Books

29:45: Melody- Online Book Clubs

30:00: Facebook, A Year in Books

31:30: Literary Classics Online Book Club

33:23: Good Reads

34:22: Vaginal Fantasy, Led by Felicia Day

36:30: Discussion on Classic, In-Person Book Clubs

On Air: The ICPL podcast can be accessed here, or from iTunes or Stitcher.